Sunday, March 21, 2010

New member of our Family

Erik and I tend to make impulsive decisions. However, these impulsive decisions tend to be the best decisions we make. our latest impulsive decision....Kodak.

Kodak is a 9 week old, Wheaten Terrier/Mini Australian Shepard mix. He has wiry hair that stands straight up, and has the sweetest face! We have only had him for 24 hours, but we love him already! Stay tuned for some cute puppy pictures from the studio!


  1. AHHHH YOU GOT A PUPPY!!!!! Lucky girl! :] That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you guys! I want a puppy so of these days! He sure is cute and I love his name-classic! I hope you are having lots of fun w/ him. I think you better quit your one job and just stay home w/ him and take photos!!!!

    I love your blog already! Thanks for inviting me. Those babies are the cutest-what a crack up. And Corbin is also too cute and funny. And yes, I think the Amandas I know are all as beautiful and sweet as those photos. Great photos! Best of luck~* Hope to catch up w/ you girls soon!!!!

    Love, Chelsea

  2. What a cute dog, I'm so jealous you have a puppy running around! Hopefully the cats don't mind!