Thursday, March 17, 2011

The rest of 2010........

Just can't get enough of the Great Salt Lake....Either can the Fletcher Family. Perfect day at the lake! Just look at that blue sky and clarity of that water! Beautiful family= Beautiful pictures!

The Cooper Shawnee, Bryan and children! Cutest little faces...I just want to pinch their cheeks! Another great perk to being a photographer, even when I'm working, it hardly feels like work!
Felix, Erica and baby Q(uincy).....Family portraits in downtown SLC. Check out the vintage Air Jordans (didn't even know they made Nike's that small!) We always enjoy taking pictures of this adorable family.

Rasmussen Family fun at the Great Salt Lake. Meet Melanie and Jason and Kids (Melanie and I are friends from way back). Perfect way to spend an October afternoon.....good friends, lots of laughter and special moments recorded in the form of portraits!
The Cunningham family....I must say my favorite part of being a photographer is meeting people and becoming a part of their lives. I look forward to every November, when I get to shoot this adorable family! The adorable, little, blue-eyed boy, is Jack. I have had the pleasure of taking portraits of Jack since he was a newborn! I love to see how much he has grown and changed every year! I found his smile weakness this time......CANDY. All I had to do was flash a sucker his way, and he was all smiles! Can't wait for their Fall 2011 session!

Haley and Kenzie.....two beautiful women. Love the pictures with the the pictures with the purple plaid...LOVE the hat! We shot these on a raining/snowing December day at the Cathedral of the Madeline! Beautiful architecture, good company and young love....perfect combination!
My favorite family......The Hood family. You might recognize cute little Corbin from his cake covered one year pictures. I just adore this cute little family. I met Elisa, the mom, at my day job, about 5 years ago. At the time she was married, happy and content. Fast-forward five years, she now has THREE adorable children (I know one is missing....can you believe she is actually pregnant when we took bump where????) I love it when kids make me earn their smiles. At one point, we just let these kiddos run all over the Great Salt Lake, and I (by I, I mean ERIK...;) ran circles around them to capture those smiles!

Meet Nettie and her BeaUtiful daughters! Can you guess who is the mom???? I had so much fun with these wild ladies in Downtown SLC last November. They were up for anything, and just let me run wild with ideas! So many good shots, I had a hard time choosing which ones to post! Enjoy a few of my favs :)

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